First here’s an introduction to the challenge. The Note To Self Challenge is a continuation of the poignant conversations that Jah9 unearths with her new album Note To Self. Localized to three specific themes, the challenge seeks to bring the discussions raised by the album into a more practical space where she can interact with her audience as shares some of what she’s learned on her wellness journey.

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Program Overview

Every fortnight, for six weeks, challengers will tackle the themes of Self Study, Self love, and Self Governance through activities like journaling, planning, self-checking, habit-tracking, and yoga. Jah9 has gathered some of the most experienced healers and teachers to assist and serve as guides on this inward retreat. Together with these activities, teachings and resources like; Meditation- Jewels Of Knowledge book as read by Jah9, The 8 limbs of Yoga which covers the philosophy of yoga and so much more, all of which work together to supplement the missions and exercises. Are you ready to take the challenge yet? Well here’s some information that should help you decide.

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Assignment Archive

Week 1

7 Assignments

7 Assignments

Week 3

5 Assignments

Week 4

5 Assignments

Week 5

6 Assignments

Week 6

5 Assignments


At the completion of every section, you’re welcome to tune in to to each corresponding Sangha. The sessions were moderated by Jah9 with guest guides from the Groundings series. Through each Sangha we communed, shared, discussed and helped each other through the week’s activities.

NTS Challenge "Love Offerings"

I am honoured to be able to use my platform to serve in this way. So there is no charge to participate in the Challenge. If you would like to support, feel free to show your appreciation with a donation of whatever amount you are inspired to give.


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