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The term “Chalice Station” was created by international recording artist, producer, educator and yogi, Janine “Jah9” Cunningham over a decade ago. After learning the principles of ‘steaming herb’, Jah9 started making her own steaming instruments and later realized she had amassed a huge collection of bamboo, coconut shells, calabash shells, clay and various tools that could allow her to make any variation of chalice she wanted. During her innovative process, she even paired the natural elements with glass and incorporated electronic devices to summon the heat

Incorporated in 2021, The Lifecraft Group manages the professional services of its Founder, international reggae recording artist, producer, and yoga teacher Janine “Jah9” Cunningham. Lifecraft is also developing a series of wellness-focused products, events and experiences, and the Chalice Station NFT is its premier offering.



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